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For me, life happens in the micro. In those quick moments, in the tiny details; tucked away in every day. I despise inertia - those mundane standards we've all grown to accept. Change is what delights me. The delicious surprises that life hands out. Read more.. is a collection of leisure hotels in India, for laid back travelers. We understand your needs and give you bespoke experiences. We want to build memories for you and with you. We are easily accessible near beaches, hill stations and other places of interest close by.

Located in busy business districts and commercial areas, hotels are a collection of comfortable hotels in India, meant for the road warrior. We understand the vagaries of business travel, and endeavor to make you feel as comfortable as at home.

Connecting you to places of pilgrimage, Mango.pray hotels located in sacred towns with age-old temples, churches, mosques, stupas and gurudwaras. With abundant culture and tradition in these towns, trips to these places are not just trips but learning experiences.


We'd love to keep you updated with all the cool things we are doing.


Planned destinations

  • Hotels in Amritsar
  • Hotels in Bharatpur
  • Hotels in Bhopal
  • Hotels in Bhuj
  • Hotels in Chennai
  • Hotels in Daman
  • Hotels in Delhi
  • Hotels in Goa
  • Hotels in Hyderabad
  • Hotels in Indore
  • Hotels in Jaipur
  • Hotels in Jammu
  • Hotels in Lonavala
  • Hotels in Mumbai
  • Hotels in Munnar
  • Hotels in Raipur
  • Hotels in Solapur
  • Hotels in Udaipur
  • Hotels in Vadodara